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Why is it good to have a professional corporate profile image and keep it up to date?

A good corporate headshot makes you look professional, it creates a feeling of confidence in you that is more likely to make potential clients, investors and other business people more likely to connect with you.

The power of a good corporate headshot can project the personality you want to convey and help people to form the initial impression you want rather than the one they might otherwise latch on to.

It will help people who meet you during your daily business to remember who you are and find you on a web site or LinkedIn, even if they have forgotten your name.

A good corporate headshot will help people to recognise you and give them the nudge to accept friend requests or follow you on social media platforms. It may be the cue that makes them read your posts or articles.

Keeping your headshot current gives people an idea of what you look like now and avoids the embarrassment of not recognising you because they have seen a ten-year-old picture of you. This can cause a complete disconnect with people when they realise you are no longer the person in the image they have been looking at, this can lead to a feeling of inauthenticity.

Lastly a good profile image makes you feel good about yourself and can boost your self confidence and make you more proactive in the workplace.

Using a professional photographer to create or enhance your professional portfolio with some stunning corporate photography can really make the difference when potential clients are looking at your marketing or website.


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